Eating More Plant Protein May Help You Live Longer

Researchers followed almost 71,000 middle-aged Japanese adults for an average of almost 20 years. They compared people who ate the smallest amount of plant protein to those who ate the largest amount. The researchers found that those who ate the most were 13 percent less likely to

How to kick-start your brain in the morning (and no, we don’t just mean coffee)

The alarm goes off and you shudder awake, unsure of where you are. Groggily you recognize your room and slowly roll out of bed thinking, “It can’t be morning. Didn’t I just go to bed?”Called sleep inertia, it happens when you suddenly snap out of REM sleep — a deeper stage of sleep where

Happiness may be healthier for some cultures than others

I am an Eeyore; I know this. I’m a glass-half-empty, worst-case-scenario, dwell-on-the-imperfections, existential-dread ruminating worrywart, and I envy the people I encounter who seem to effortlessly exude perkiness and fun. That’s not to say there’s no joy in my life; it just doesn’t come as