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NASA Data on Titan Confirms Earth-like Qualities that Could Support Life

For the first time, scientists have mapped the whole surface of Titan, the largest moon around Saturn. The map confirms existing data showing that Titan has many Earth-like qualities that might be able to support life.


Illiterate people are twice as likely to develop dementia, study says

(CNN) Whether or not you can read and write could be a factor in your ability to stave off dementia as you grow older, according to a new study from scientists at Columbia University.

People with depression are often told to exercise. What if they can’t?

The notion that physical activity helps patients with depression has been well documented in medical research: in fact, a 2011 study found that“exercise compares favourably to antidepressant medications” as a way to treat mild to moderate depression. However, the motivation and energy needed to exercise are often directly at odds with the symptoms of the mood disorder.

O liberalismo e suas consequências nos conflitos políticos e de grupos

A crítica ao liberalismo ocupa um lugar central na longa trajetória intelectual do jurista e teórico político alemão Carl Schmitt. Com uma produção volumosa e diversificada, estendendo-se por grande parte do século XX, Schmitt se conservou, a despeito das reviravoltas da sua